‘My passion for living within canvas was when my family was building an on an island in the Maldives and I wanted to stay on the virgin island and feel the nature before going into our design phase. My husband at the time thought I was mad when I suggested that we purchase a TEEPEE from North America and have it shipped across. I remember the excitement of our family and helpers on the island when it arrived and the sense of fun and connection it provided when we had the challenge of erecting it together as a team. The kids were toddlers then and the joy I had of watching them wander in and out onto the white sand and the turquoise water, through the gentle canvas that we called home was bliss. Sitting at night and looking at the stars stirred all sorts of wonderful emotion and inspiring ideas of what we wanted our guests to experience tree houses, underwater spas, safari tents were all at our fingertips and we made it happen.

Now for me, it’s all about creating the comfort of a primal luxury habitat that is sensual and respectful to the location we place the tents in. No one can compete too much with the surrounding nature, we want to complement it. We hope you love living in canvas and perfecting the art of doing nothing’.

Jane has worked on world acclaimed projects focusing on Boutique and Eco-Luxury Resorts and Spas...

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